Our Ethos

Topstone Barber Co. is our homage to the traditions of quality and service that once elevated barbers to neighborhood craftsmen. That pride in workmanship continues. Andrew Maki opened Topstone in 2015 to share his passion for old-school cuts and shaves. The Topstone names comes from the long-shuttered furniture store Andrew’s grandfather owned.

Competence is our watchword. We have a talented corps of like-minded barbers who delight in showing attention to detail and in perfecting the art and the craft. It is our duty to demonstrate the highest professionalism so that every cut, trim or shave is an enjoyable experience that renders satisfying results.

We believe in supporting our community and strive to reciprocate the loyalty our customers show. This two-way commitment allowed Topstone to outgrow its original location in less than two years. We now occupy quarters within the 225-year-old New London Inn that housed one of the classic barbershops we honor.

At Topstone, we only use and offer goods that are in lockstep with our commitment to quality and authenticity. We sell everything from razors and pomade to notebooks and fine men’s accessories. We are committed to American workers and locally sourced goods. Therefore whenever possible we work with makers based in the United States.

We invite you to walk into Topstone Barber Co. and slip back to an era of classic barbering. The antique barber chairs, a hint of bay rum and an eclectic playlist draw on the best traditions of our forebears. We work every day to show that same dedication to each haircut, beard trim and straight-razor shave.

We operate by appointment only. Please make a reservation here.

Ready to look good?

Our Barbers


Andrew Maki strives for the kind of polish-to-a-shine perfection he learned from his grandfather, owner of Topstone Furniture Co. Andrew is old school but no luddite. He prefers an actual notebook though he still has his laptop. After much cajoling from his colleagues, Andrew allowed Wi-Fi in the shop despite concerns that fast Internet access would be a conversation-killer. (It wasn’t. Nothing could keep a bad pun down.) Before becoming a barber, Andrew was in the special forces. And by special forces he means the 39th Army Band, Manchester, N.H. His special forces friends are OK with this joke so don’t judge. Andrew has since completed his contract with the New Hampshire Army National Guard though he still misses the heavily starched clothing.


Ryan "Roomba" Kirby is a study in what happens when metal meets mettle. This aficionado of thunderous music and Instagrammable sandwiches takes on any challenge with resolute determination. Like when he bumps into things, backs up and sets off in a new direction. Roomba, so dubbed by the Topstone troupe, is just as diligent in his work as a master barber. “Everything I do is hardcore. But I still can’t find a good focaccia.” Find it he will, for there is no hurdle he can’t overcome. Except stairs. (Even the most hard-charging Roomba wasn’t made for stairs.) But you can’t keep Ryan down. He’s all teeth and smiles as he moves about Topstone. It’s a feeling Ryan once only experienced when writing heavy metal lyrics and performing with his band, Fabricator. His preference for cacophonous sound makes Topstone a good fit. And even if the lively conversation were to fade there’s always sweeping to do.

Ryan P

Ryan Perras tarted trading haircuts for beer money in college. He’s outgrown $5 tapers—these days he prefers skin fades—but he remains devoted to the bro-mazing banter that’s been a part of shops since the first barber’s pole went up in the Middle Ages. Ryan likes that tonsorial discourse promotes the finer things: “guns, beer, women, fishing—guy stuff.” He also likes that barbershops produce a gallimaufry of opinions. (It’s is a word. We looked it up.) “Everyone is interesting to talk to. Whether they’re weird or grumpy, everyone is interesting.” All the talking hasn’t left Ryan a blathering mess like some of his loosey-goosey workmates. He sports an enigmatic vibe and spends the colder months quietly playing the blues. “It’s really the only thing I do in the winter.” Ryan joined the crew after more than four years barbering elsewhere though his swashbuckling colleagues try every day to make him forget there was life before Topstone.